Rookie Coaches' Playbook - OCT 2018

Frustrated because you know you were born to help others, but you have absolutely no clue how to begin offering your services online?

  Terrified by the mere thought of putting yourself out there in the online marketplace as a new coach?

  Worried that you don’t have enough coaching experience, knowledge, or credentials to really make a difference in the world as a new coach?  

  Intimidated by all the ‘expert coaches’ out there who appear to be so much more qualified and advanced than you? 

Confused by the coaching industry’s latest buzzwords and overly complicated jargon? 

  Afraid that you won’t be able to create a steady stream of income in your new online business, especially as a rookie coach?

 ✓ Overhelmed by the technology, tools and systems that you know you need to have, but have no clue how to select them?  

✓ The Ultimate TOOLS You’ll Use Checklist for Rookie Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs 

✓ ALL of the Latest BUZZWORDS and TERMINOLOGY Being Used in the Online Coaching Space in Easy-To-Understand Language 

✓ How to TURN YOUR PASSION to Help Others into an Authentic, Aligned, and Income-Producing Coaching Business 

✓ Simple, Tangible, and EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT STEPS to Actually Help You Get Your Online Coaching Business Up and Running 

✓ The TOP 5 Rookie Coaching Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them in Your New Online Coaching Business 

✓ A Printable WEEKLY PLANNER to Keep You Organized and On Track