You have a story within you that needs to be shared. A story that needs to be told to inspire, uplift and encourage others to follow their dreams. Perhaps you’ve known this for quite some time. You may have even considered writing your story and publishing your own book, but you just don’t know how or where to begin. Introducing, The Art of Unlearning (Volume 2) The Power of Perseverance by Lisa Marie Pepe and Divya Parekh - a book that opens our eyes to the possibilities of overcoming major life obstacles in order to pursue a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity. This book is a collaboration of authors in the self-help and personal growth and development fields who have gone through their own unique processes of unlearning the lessons and conditioning from society and early childhood that told them they’d never ‘be quite good enough’ to be successful. We are currently seeking 25 female aspiring authors who have created their own happiness and success on purpose through the art of unlearning. We might just be looking for you! 

As an author of The Art of Unlearning (Volume 2) The Power of Perseverance you’ll be given a roadmap to help you write and publish your own story! 

If chosen as one of our elite authors, you’ll also receive:

✓ 1:1 Strategy Call with Divya Parekh, Three-Time International #1 Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Business Relationship & Leadership Coach (Valued at $400)

✓ 1:1 Strategy Call with Lisa Marie Pepe, The Confidence Coach & Online Visibilty Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker (valued at $300) 

✓ Inspiration, support and strategies to help you write your best story (priceless!)

✓ Group Coaching Calls throughout the program (valued at $2000)

✓ Book printed and published on your behalf (valued at $500)

✓ Book cover designed on your behalf (valued at $500)  

 ✓ Book interior designed and formatted on your behalf (valued at $600)

✓ Book edited and completed on your behalf (valued at $400)

✓ Ability to purchase more copies at cost (priceless!)

✓ Online Visibility Strategy Session with Lisa Marie - Group Coaching Call (BONUS #1) (valued at $300)

✓ Growing Your Business with Your Book with Divya Parekh Group Coaching Calls (BONUS #2) (valued at $1000)

✓ Video Trailer BONUS #3 (valued at $500)

✓ Social media graphics for launch day including a customized image to share on two of your primary social media platforms (BONUS #4) ($400)

✓ Beyond the Book Promotion BONUS #5 (valued at $500)

TOTAL VALUE = $7,400 - but, that's NOT WHAT YOU'LL PAY! In fact, you'll pay only a small fraction of that amount! Keep reading...  

Interested in Joining Lisa Marie Pepe and Divya Parekh by Becoming One of Our Elite Authors? 

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If chosen to move forward in the author selection process, we will notify you directly via email within 48 hours of receiving your completed application. 


Make Your Message a Movement ~ Join Us for Volume 2!

Lisa Marie Pepe is The Confidence Coach & Online Visibility Expert for Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs, a Business Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. As the Owner and Founder of Positive Transformation Coaching, Lisa Marie empowers her clients to fully embrace their unique gifts and talents by providing them with the skills they need to develop rock-solid confidence, gain vibrant online visibility, and create authoritative credibility in order to generate greater profitability. 

She is the author of Abundantly You! On Purpose in Business: Face the Fear of the Unknown, a former Radio Show Host on the Life Coach Radio Networks, a Senior Writer for SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine, and has been featured in the Huffington Post, YFS and Thrive Global, among other noteworthy publications. 

Lisa Marie is a highly sought after guest expert and has appeared on numerous podcasts, including: The Stellar Life, The Content Academy, Concept to Cash Flow, and Women in Leadership.

Divya Parekh is an Award-Winning Business Relationship Advisor, International Speaker, and #1 International Bestselling Author of over ten books. Divya brings her business expertise and success as an author together to guide others in the writing and publication of books that will enhance their professional credentials and propel their business into new heights. 

The foundation of Divya’s success is that any professional or entrepreneur can achieve their highest goals by building and nurturing relationships. She has helped many people create a thriving business that is joyful and easy to run. Her philosophy when it comes to launching books and careers is that it is all about hearts and hugs - how much you impact and help people with your life and your work! 

Divya supports both first time and published authors to turn their unique message into an inspiring movement. She does this by helping them communicate their message through business-focused book writing. This in turn accelerates business growth and increases business profits. Divya’s best-selling books, including her newest #1 Bestseller, The Entrepreneur’s Garden – The Nine Essential Relationships to Cultivate Your Wildly Successful Business, proves that her concepts reap huge rewards. 

As a Professional Certified Coach who has helped multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, and non-profit leaders from six continents, Divya is actively working with authors with the same passion. Her proven success strategies have resulted in her clients getting six-figure opportunities, five-figure promotions, media recognition, and to the #1 Best-Seller List on Amazon.

Make Your Message a Movement ~ Join Us for Volume 2!

Interested in Becoming One of Our Elite Authors for The Art of Unlearning? 

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Estimated Time Line of Important Deadlines and Events 

September 20th - October 14th - Invitation to Private Facebook Group 

October 15th - Introductions in the Facebook group 

October 15th - November 15th - One-On-One Strategy Call with Divya 

November 15th - February 28th - Group Coaching Calls, Chapter Writing, & Editing 

February 28th, 2018 - March 7th, 2018 - Book Launch 

March 2018 - Beyond the Book Promotion

Investment and Payment Options

The total investment for this program is ONLY $2,400 - an amazing steal considering you will receive the strategies of the program as well as online and business-building bonuses valued up to $7,375!!! 

You can select one easy payment of ONLY $1,997 providing you with a savings of $400!!! 

Payment Plans: 

Option A - Two (2) payments of $1100 each = $2,200 (Initial payment due now; second payment due 60 days from now.) SAVE $200!!! 


Option B - Four (4) payments of $595 each = $2,400 (Initial payment due now; 3 subsequent payments due every 30 days from now.)  

We know that you are really serious about becoming a published author and participating in this anthology. The complete payment is expected after the draft completion and prior to the start of the editing process.** 

**Complete payment is expected before the publishing process begins as we are responsible for paying our editors, publisher, editors, graphics designers, book and marketing coaches. 

This collaboration is about more than just writing a book – this is about using our collective message to start a global movement! As such, we are excited to share that all royalties (minus expenses and administrative payouts) will be donated to Kiva ( – an organization that empowers female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Together we can create a movement with our message and make the message count. 

Global change is powered by the collective conscious of heart-centered people, meaningful messages and timely actions. Because we want to impact women within our circle of influence AND empower women globally, we want to join hands with you to bring your story to others worldwide. 



If chosen to move forward in the author selection process, we will notify you directly via email within 48 hours of receiving your completed application.